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Material Types

Up to 95% moisture and particle sizes of up to 50mm.

Sludges, slurries, filter cakes, precipitates, powders, fibres, flakes, granules and recycled material.


Tailored solutions

We have the technical expertise to process materials
using single or multi-stage operations to ensure
products meet your exact specifications.


Our drying technologies can reduce feeds from 95% moisture to less than 1%. Our plants provide evaporative rates up to 8,000 kg/hr.

Designing a drying process requires recognition of the characteristics of a material, in particular how it may be adversely affected by heat.

Fine Milling

Our range of equipment can mill a wide range of materials to a mean particle size as low as 20 microns.

The Cell Mill is ideal for super fine milling of food and chemical products.

The Dryer-Pulveriser is used for minerals and coarser materials that tend to be harder and more abrasive.

The Microniser is particularly suitable for small capacity applications.


Dispersion of wet ground filter cakes and slurries using drying and turbulence to disperse it to its natural state.


For applications where a tightly controlled particle size distribution or top-size is required, or when there is a need to remove impurities. A classifier can be an integral part of a mill, operate in-line with a mill or function as a separate circuit.

Tailored solutions for the
reclamation of fly ash.

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