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& Testing

Our project teams work with our clients
to identify their requirements and
understand their particular industry
and application. From the first meeting
we focus on the commercial viability
of a process solution.

“Atritor have the end-to-end solution that allowed
us to quickly satisfy more customers that want to
increase the quality of their product and to enter
the market for very fine products.”

Boris Brus
Head of Marketing and R&D Director - Calcit
We understand that our clients need to create value, so we use our knowledge to produce an initial feasibility study. We include the estimated capital and operational costs involved.

This transparent way of working means that we share a common goal with our clients from the outset – to create value and efficiency.
Pilot Plant
We have a production scale Pilot Plant facility in the UK to test materials and prove process requirements at scale. It is supported by a well equipped laboratory with a range of techniques for analysis.

The Pilot Plant can test up to 2 tonnes per hour to calculate particle size, density, moisture and carbon content. Plus power consumption, capacity, thermal demand and scale up throughput rates.

This data provides our design engineers with the insight to provide a bespoke solution for a specific material.


Our in-house dedicated design team produce bespoke full plant designs, using the latest 3D and 2D software systems.

For every project we design and specify a full process package.
Typical Process
All Atritor plants are air-swept and material is conveyed through the system in the air stream. Feed material is metered into the inlet air stream, using a variety of variable speed devices depending on material characteristics. After the process operation the finished product is discharged from the drying/milling unit and carried in the air stream to the product collector.

Manufacture &

We have manufacturing facilities including an alloyed iron foundry, machine shop and assembly operation, giving us complete control of the production process and our stock of spare parts.
Installation and commissioning support and flexible supply of spare parts.
We pride ourselves on providing a complete solution for customers including operator training, installation and commissioning assistance by experienced engineers.

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