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We have compiled a list of the questions most asked by our customers over the years. If you don’t see an answer to your question, contact us and draw on the vast experience we have available


How long have you been providing drying and milling solutions?

You can be confident we have the experience and problem solving knowledge you will need. Our solutions have been manufactured for over 100 years, formerly by Alfred Herbert and now by Atritor Ltd founded 40 years ago. We have an extensive database of over 530 categories of material and have carried out many thousands of tests.

Do you offer toll or process milling services?

We don’t provide toll milling, we offer bespoke solutions that are designed and manufactured for each of our customers.

Are your products available for off the shelf orders?

We don’t sell standard equipment, all products are designed and manufactured for a particular application to meet a specific customer requirement.

Where can you supply solutions?

The distribution of our solutions is worldwide, we have been delivering to six continents for decades.

Do you design and manufacture in house?

We design and manufacture all equipment and spares in house at our facilities in the UK.

Materials & Testing

Do you have a Pilot Plant where you can test materials?

Yes, we have a Pilot Plant in the UK where we test materials from all around the world.

What are the parameters for testing within the Pilot Plant?

In order to process a material successful a fat or oil content of below 30% is advantageous, but this is very dependent on the characteristics of the individual material. Contact us with more information and we can work with you to assess your product.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) protect the intellectual property of my project?

We are happy to sign a two-way none disclosure agreement, many of our clients to work with us confidentially.

What level of moisture content can be dried and milled?

The level of moisture is not a hurdle to processing, we have worked with products up to 98%.

Feasibility Studies

Can you provide a processing cost per tonne for my business case?

We have extensive experience in providing capital and operating costs for customers to prepare feasibility studies. We like to work on this at a very early stage to prove the viability of the project.

Products / Solutions

Do your products meet international design and safety standards?

Our products are designed and manufactured to comply with all global standards.

Do you provide the whole solution or just the core equipment?

We provide a solution, the whole plant needed to process your materials. In addition to the core equipment, we can design the whole plant layout. This could include materials handling, equipment and controls.

Can you provide wear calculations so that I can factor in maintenance costs?

We can provide wear calculations for your material as we have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon and also carry out wear tests.

What energy sources can I use to operate the plant?

Any energy source can be harnessed to power the plant. Traditional sources like electricity and gas to renewable sources like waste heat and CHP.

Do you offer food grade equipment?

We design and manufacture solutions in high grade steel and stainless steel hygienic construction suitable for food applications.


Do you offer a spares service?

We manufacture and stock spares in the UK. As we have a foundry on site we can offer a very efficient and flexible service.

Can you offer operator training?

Operator training is part of our installation and commissioning package.

Do you do repairs and servicing of equipment?

We can refurbish, repair and service equipment.

Can you do onsite inspection and assessment?

We have experienced engineers that can offer onsite inspection and assessment across the world.